Ping-pong table breaks during class

The faculty members are picking up the broken table and are taking it out of the room. The table broke 8th period in Deb Nicholson’s PE class Friday 27, 2017.

On Jan. 27, eighth period P.E. class heard a loud crack as they were cleaning up. Everyone looked around for the source of the sound echoing within the enclosed area. Near the back doors to the small gym, they found the problem.

One of the tables for table tennis had split. One fourth of the table had hit the ground, the metal frame making contact with the wooden floors. The two girls who were in charge of wheeling it back to storage had backed up, one holding her hands to her mouth. The other girl was questioning how it could have happened. Fellow students were whispering about how much trouble the girls would get in or still trying to figure out what was going on.

Deb Nicholson, the PE teacher who had stepped out of the gym for a moment to help other students with cleanup, rushed back in. Two faculty workers followed soon after. The girls were questioned on what they were doing when the table broke and promised profusely that they were following every instruction properly.

After approximately a minute Nicholson decided the break was bound to happen with the tables being as old as they were. The two faculty members lifted up the broken side and took it out of the room. The whispers didn’t disperse, though most students did leave soon after the table was gone from sight.