I’ve never chosen to listen to a Twenty One Pilots song. Sure I could listen to one of their hits on the radio if it comes up randomly, but this was the first song that made me actually take time out of my day to look up the song and live in the moment. Twenty One Pilots’ song “Ride” from the album “Blurryface”, truly made me happy. It’s these kind of songs that give me hope for all pop music in general.

For once, we have piece of music that has lyrics that are more important and likable than the instrumentals. Are you not already amazed?! You should be. The words of this song don’t talk about romantic relationships, they are not bent on ranting about all the things wrong with the world, and are not so complicated that I want to tear my hair out. They simply talk about trying to enjoy life despite all the despair people like to dish out. It’s a song about asking the right questions now, instead of stressing over the future. Worrying about things you can’t control never gets you anywhere, but that is really easy to do. So a song that just wants to be a quick moment of clarity, is very much welcomed here. It’s wonderfully simple.

With that being said, the instrumentals are pretty good too even if they’re not the main focus. They kind of remind me of those beach levels in the game “Super Mario Galaxy” or something. So laid back and relaxed, still fun when the chorus comes in. Having a song that isn’t so over the top with the pop sound is nice every once in a while.

When a song can make you so relaxed and at peace, you know you’ve struck gold. That is why I give this song  a four out of five stars. Thinking about deep stuff is good every once in a while, because it keeps us grounded. While that will always be true, we should all give our brains a chance to relax. If we all would pay attention to these kind of creative works, I think we would all be a little more optimistic.

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