School has been cancelled Oct. 3. due to threats sent to individual students and parents.
School has been cancelled Oct. 3. due to threats sent to individual students and parents.
Matthew Berry

Rumor busting: New high school

With the new high school set to open at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, The Black & White has been able to get information on topics that have been of interest.

Rumor: Graduation will be held in the new gym of the high school next year due to the increase in seating capacity.

Status: Busted.

Reasoning: The new gym does not have an increased seating capacity. In an email interview, Athletics Director Gary Ross says that both the large gym at the current school and the new gym at the new high school hold up to 2,500. By comparison the Knapp center, the current venue for commencement, seats 7,152 people.

“[The Knapp center at Drake University] will always be able to sit and fit more people than we will ever be able to,” said Associate Principal Randy Klein.  The 7,152 seats at the Knapp Center eliminates the need to limit tickets per student, meaning students can bring as many people as they want. This make a better experience for both students and administration.

RumorEverone will get a parking pass next year.

Status: Plausible

Reasoning:  “My hope is that everyone who applies will get one, if we follow the current numbers we have everyone should be able to have one.” Associate Principal Jerry Stratton said. However, Stratton warns that if their is an influx in applications there will still be students without tags. Stratton said they will follow the same criteria as they have in years past, with seniors having priority.

Rumor: Passing period will be longer in order to allow students more travel time.

Status: Busted.

Reasoning: While the new school is larger, Stratton said that the school is designed that students stay in one particular area. For example the classes that sophomores take will be relatively close together, while the classes that uperclassmen take are towards the other end of the building. Stratton also explains that the classes that everyone takes such as foreign language will be closer to the middle. Stratton hopes that this will reduce the amount of back and forth that students students have to do, and eliminate the need for additional passing period time.

Rumor: Teachers will not have their own classroom.

Status: Confirmed.

Reasoning: Stratton says that classrooms will be set up according to what is being taught, and not the teacher. “Maybe we are both teaching Teen in the World, so we would share a room for that class and that is where all the supplies for Teen in the World are at,” Stratton said. He continued to explain what would happen if a teacher taught more then one class. “But since I’m also teaching Culture Clash, that might be in the classroom next door”.  Stratton also said that teachers will have an office that they work out of. In addition there are small and large conference rooms in every section of the building where teacher can work with multiple students. 

Stratton does acknowledge that this will be a big change for both teachers and students, and administration will try to make the change as easy as possible. “We will try to limit teachers moving around as much as we can,” Stratton said. However Stratton also believes that some of this transition rests on the student. “Students may need to use there iPad more to communicate to [teachers],” he said. Stratton said that an example of communication would be asking when and where a teacher is available.




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