Second annual car smash cancelled


Natalie Larimer

Last year’s car arrived with the windows and windshield still in, similar to this year. Student Council, however, was not able to fix it this year because the auto shop who dropped the car off did not have the time

Anne Rogers, Head Editor-in-chief

The second annual car smash, usually held the Thursday of homecoming week, was cancelled due to a car showing up with glass in the windows and windshield. The same thing happened last year, however this year the car showed up later than expected and the car was not able to be fixed. “It was administration’s decisionĀ for safety purposes and of liability issues to have the car taken away,” student council adviser Kari Gray said.

“When I first heard it was cancelled, I was in shock,” senior EmmaGrace Walter said. “I put so much time and effort into this and wanted to make it a success. I was trying to figure out what we did wrong on our part for this to happen then I realized it was out of student council’s control and I needed to move on.”

Don’t Auto Shop donated the car to student council both years. When the car showed up, the company was not able to come and take the glass out. Walter and Gray sat down and called other places to try to find a car. “They were willing to help, but they needed more time,” Walter said.

Student council is in the midst of rescheduling the event, as it was very successful last year. “We are working with Mr. (principal Brent) Riessen and Mr. (athletic director Gary) Ross to have it at another home football game and of course using a different company,” Gray said.