Selecting the 2013-14 schedule

Course selections for next school year were due Dec. 12.
If students try to change their schedule at the start of next year, that class might not be available.

“What people request now is virtually going to be it,” guidance counselor Curt Larkin said.

The reason for this is because once the filled out courses are sent, a staffing plan is created. A staffing plan is how many sections of each course do we need to offer to meet the needs of our students.

Sophomore Luke Davis was not able to change one of his classes, because he was too late in signing up.

“[The counselors] said that there was no room in any other classes,” Davis said.

The staffing plan is also the reason that course selections are now instead of later in the year.

“The sooner we have the information about what students desire, the sooner we can develop a staffing plan,” Larkin said.

If more students sign up for a class, then they will know to plan for more teachers to teach that subject.

“We add [teachers] as we need them, not just in case (we need them).” Larkin said.

The selection is done early.

“So we can hire the best people possible,” Larkin said. “If we wait until May, and we realize we need to hire more teachers, than the best ones are already taken.”

The early course selection can frustrate some students.

“I wish they finalized [course selections] more toward the end of the year,” junior Jordan Boge said.

According to Boge, people can change their minds from now until the end of the year.

“These classes you pick prepare you for college,” Boge said. “Deciding early can be a downside.”

Course handbooks can be found on the high school web site.

Guidance counselors frequently asked questions:

  • Should I take AP classes or not? 

Senior Katie Giles has taken AP chemistry, US history, and she is taking AP calculus AB and AP physics. She recommends them to any students interested in working hard and preparing themselves more for college.

” The course work is more intensive and you have to work harder to understand the material and do well,” Giles said. “They’re worth the effort though, because you develop a better  relationship with those teachers, which is nice when college recommendation letters are needed, you also get a more in depth grasp of the material to prepare you more for harder courses on the material in college.”

  • Is photo art hard?
Photo art teacher Daniel Weiss believes that photo art is a challenging class, but also a rewarding class.
“It’s a paced class, if you get behind you’re in trouble,” Weiss said. ” Its an art and design course, but also a reading and writing (course)” Weiss thinks that photo art is a beneficial class. “You’ll leave with a really strong portfolio and a working knowledge of light based imagery,” Weiss said.
Senior Kenzie DeBolt thinks photo art is difficult.
“It’s not some easy art class you can just pass by just doing the minimum,” DeBolt said. “It’s meant to challenge you. Difficult, yes; but worth it, definitely.”
DeBolt recommends photo art.
“It’s not a bunch of fancy digital photoshop stuff like you would expect,” DeBolt said. “It teaches you the real aspects of photography and it also teaches you a lot about yourself.”
  • Can I get 8th period off?

You can get 8th period off but it is rare to get the period free. However, you cannot intentionally get the period off.

  • Can I pick my teacher?

You actually cannot pick your teacher. A computer picks your teachers for you.

  • Can I be excused from PE ?

You can be excused from PE one semester per year if you have a full schedule.

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