Sparking creation in Maker Space


Kitarrah Mangra-Dutcher

Librarian Ruth Thoreson holds up a piece of art work created by senior Analea Couture using the Maker Space. The Maker Space is an area in the back of the library where students can go and be creative.

Students can feel free to go and create projects of their own in an area created in the library known as the Maker Space. The Maker Space was added to the back right corner of the library in October. “Maker Space is now in a lot of libraries, a lot of libraries are adding maker materials,” librarian Ruth Thoreson said. “The elementary schools all had maker space carts bought for them and I didn’t want to wait until if or when they get around to funding for me.”

The Maker Space is an area in the back of the library that has many materials students can use to make different types of projects. “That’s what it’s for is to create,” Thoreson said.  “You’ve never knitted before? Well you’ve got yarn and knitting needles.”

For students who get bored during the day, the Maker Space provides an opportunity for them to do something they enjoy. “Making stuff with my hands makes me feel entertained and keeps me occupied,” junior Matt Terrell said. Terrell has made things ranging from candle holders to night lights using materials in the Maker Space.

Currently the Maker Space provides craft supplies, fabric and a sewing machine for students. Besides the items there are some other materials that students want in the Maker Space. “I would like to see better paint brushes, a pencil sharpener and oil pastels,” senior Analea Couture said. Students can ask to borrow things like rulers and scissors from Thoreson, but would like to see these available in the Maker Space as well.

Thoreson hopes to bring electronic materials to the space soon. “I’ve written two grants to actually buy some supplies,” she said. “Because I’d like to start adding the electronics stuff in [the space] so that we’d have things that you could practice wiring (and) little robots that you could program.” Thoreson has also written a grant for a 3D printer to have in the Maker Space in the future.

Teachers have taken students into the Maker Space for class projects, Thoreson does not want it to be just about academics. “It’s not for a grade, it’s not somebody telling you what you have to do, and that’s what’s good about a maker space is you just get to create and try,” Thoreson said.

Some students use the maker space on their own time to create things they want. “I wanted to be different so I made my paper drawing,” Couture said. A paper drawing is a picture made entirely from paper.

Currently there are only a few students who use the Maker Space regularly outside of a class. “It’s always nice to see other kids in there and to see what they’re making,” Terrell said.