Spring break changes for next year

Every year, as the days get closer and closer to spring break, it is evident how more desks are empty.

There were 154 students absent the day before break last year and only 135 gone this year. Those numbers do include leaving for sickness, but it is not sure how many people were actually sick, or just leaving for vacation. There were 23 students that were gone for the trip to Spain this year, however they are not included in the number of absences.

Next year, students will not have to struggle through another Friday while it seems that every other school is already on break. However, “the absences were not the deciding factor,” secretary Carolyn Ware said.

“There is a new calendar change that will take effect next year, which will give students and administrators the Friday before spring break off,” Human Resource Director Tom Mitchell said. “In previous years, Johnston has been one of the few schools to still have school.”

“This calendar change was made because a number of neighboring schools, particularly Des Moines, get that day off.  It also created some scheduling difficulties for families that had members who worked or attended other districts who did have this day off.

People who were traveling wanted to “beat” the crowds and leave before a very busy travel weekend.

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