Starting a dodgeball team for JDRF


JGwentworth, winners of last year’s dodgeball tournament sponsored by student council.

Daisha McAvaddy, Photo Editor

Student council chose the Juvinile Diabetes Research Foundation, also known as JDRF, as the organization for Johnston’s Big Give 2014.

One of the way the school is raising money for JDRF is an intramural dodgeball tournament on Sunday, Jan. 26 and 1:00 p.m.

Teams will be made up of 10 players with at least two girls. Each player is required to pay $5 for a total of $50 per team. The money needs to be turned in with the registration form in room 202 by 3:15 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 23rd.

Last year, student council raised approximately $600 for the Big Give by sponsoring the intramural dodgeball tournament on Feb. 10 in both gyms. There were twelve teams that participated.

JGwentworth won the style competition last year wearing white t-shirts and ties. Members of the team were graduates Marcus Devens, Spencer Moser, Chase Kramer, Tyler Smaha, Matt Hanstad, Jack Swift, Matt Guyer, Charlie Goodwin, Adam Richman and Trevor McCauley.