Storm takes over: football team seeks shelter

Kenzie Foldes & Anne Rogers

Junior Jordan Weddington takes shelter in the football house with the rest of the varsity football team during practice on Sept. 19. An unexpected storm hit Johnston at approximately 3:30 pm with strong winds, heavy rain and hail, and lightning.

“We were in the House because we saw lightning,” Weddington said. “While the coaches were talking the rain went crazy, going horizontal to the door. The wind was just blowing everywhere. It was just loud.”

The team and coaches were not able to get back into the school because of the severe weather.

“We stayed in the house until it calmed down, which was like half an hour,” Weddington said. “The whole varsity football team was in [there].” Heavy rain flooded the House. “Guyer went to go close the door and it looked like a wave just destroyed him just closing the door,” Weddington said.

Junior Ben Perman was also in the House when the storm hit. “It got pretty stinky,” Perman said.