Student decides West point vs. the University of Illinois

When Will Krone’s plane landed on his way back from spring break he called his mom who had said had something to tell him. Krone was accepted into West Point, which is a military academy in West Point, New York. The school will pay for more than his full tuition, and in exchange he will serve five years of active duty prior to graduating.

This is not Krone’s only option. He has been accepted to the University of Illinois and will be apart of the ROTC program there. His tuition will also be more than paid for if he attends the University of Illinois. Whether he chooses to go to West Point or the University of Illinois, he will have the same financial situation and be in the same place in the army.

“I’m going to visit both of them one more time,” Krone said. “I’m like 50/50 right now.”

Krone has wanted to go to both West Point and the University of Illinois for a long time and has never really known which one to choose. He likes the campus at the University of Illinois better and it also happens to be the number one school for civil engineering, which is what he plans to study. He could get his masters in five years at the University of Illinois and he was accepted into the honors program there as well.

“There’s a lot of things at Illinois that I’d be giving up if I went to West Point, but it’s West Point,” Krone said.

West Point’s class size is only 1500, so it is an honor to be accepted there. West Point is also ranked number three for civil engineering.

“There’s a lot of people that expect me to go to West Point because they don’t know my other options,” Krone said.

Krone does not have an official date set to decide which college he is attending. He is trying to personally decide by somewhere between April 15 and April 20.

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