Student paints canvas paintings for dig pink


Senad Besic, Staff Writer

Senior Madeline Miller painted two canvas paintings for the silent auction held at Dig Pink earlier this week. Other items sold at the auction included hooded sweatshirts, a corn flakes box signed by Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, a pink volleyball signed by the entire volleyball team, assorted coffee items and more.

“I like painting and I was told I was good at it,” Miller said. “I just thought it’d help raise money, too.”

These two paintings were Iowa and Iowa State themed. The Iowa painting was black and yellow and had the word ‘love’ take up most of the painting. Also, the ‘o’ in the word love was a hawk-eye football helmet. The Iowa State painting was just the signature Iowa State logo with the word ‘State’ and the letter ‘I’ in red, black and yellow.

The paintings brought in a total of $115 for the Dig Pink fundraiser. The Iowa painting was bought for $40 and the Iowa State painting was sold for $75.

The Iowa painting took Miller one day to paint and the Iowa State painting took two days.