Student representative applications

Applications for the new student representative are available and will be due April 24, considering that the current student representative, Dylan Johnson, is graduating this year. The student representative represents the student body at board meetings.

This was the first year for a student representative. “This year has been a learning process for me and the administration,” Johnson said. “We had to determine what exactly my role is.”

Johnson sees himself as good student representative. “Overall it’s been effective,” he said. “It’s a pretty revolutionary thing for the Johnston school district.

Being a student representative isn’t as easy as you might think. Its a huge time commitment. Board meetings are every other Monday from 6:00 to 8:00 or 8:30.

“I think it went well,” Principal Brent Riessen said. “It was nice to have that student voice on the table”

To figure out who the new student representative will be they go through a nominating process. Students fill out the information that has been requested. There’s an essay that they have to fill out, and students have to get teacher recommendations as well. That will be turned into a committee, who will select the new student representative.

“Essentially it becomes my decision on who to nominate to the position,” Riessen said. “But I take into account the people who are on the committee as well as the information that has been provided to me based upon that application process.”

There are certain things that Riessen will look for in the new student representative. “One of the big things (I will look for) is someone who will be responsive to people, is a good listener, and a good communicator,” Riessen said. “I want them to listen to the students, the board, the superintendents, and myself.”

Riessen also wants the new student representative to be able to communicate well. “They need to be able to communicate the perspectives of other people,” Riessen said. “If your somebody who doesn’t like to talk, is close-minded and doesn’t like to visit or listen to other people this probably isn’t the right job for you.”

Johnson is helping to figure out how next year should go. “I’m in the process of drafting a list of expectations, like how the representative should act,” he ┬ásaid. “Since this is the second year it should be a better selection process.”

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