Students honored for academic achievement


Seniors Kevin Wu, Samantha Long, Pratyusha Bujimalla and Abby Dockum achieve the honor of being mentioned by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Wu, Long, and Dockum were mentioned as commendable students while Bujimalla moves on as a semifinalist in the competition.

Elizabeth Schraeger, Staff Writer

Seniors Abby Dockum, Samantha Long and Kevin Wu were chosen by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) as Commended Students. They took the PSAT in 2012 and were chosen out of about 34,000 students in regards of their excellent academic performance. Although they didn’t move on in the NMSC competition, they are still in the running for scholarships.

One senior did move forward, Pratyusha Bujimalla was named a 2014 National Merit Semifinalist. She is one of the 16,000 students who will continue on in hopes of becoming a finalist. In order to become a finalist, she will have to have an impressive academic and extracurricular resume, and SAT scores that match the PSAT score. About 15,000 students will find out in February that they were chosen as finalists. They will then be considered for scholarships, which will begin to be announced in April through July.