Students crown homecoming royalty

Seniors Kenzie Foldes and Pete Lashier flash a smile as they are crowned homecoming king and queen. Lashier and Foldes were elected by 430 voting students.

Elizabeth Schraeger, Staff Writer

Kenzie Foldes and Pete Lashier were announced as Homecoming King and Queen after 430 students cast their vote on Friday, September 27 at the homecoming game against Ankeny.

Foldes had no idea what was coming. “My cheeks were shaking as the photographer took pictures,” Foldes said. “I’m pretty sure I looked pretty weird in the picture.”¬†She felt very happy to have received such a great honor from her peers. Foldes is a member of cross country, track, NHS, and is an editor for the Black and White.

Although Lashier wasn’t comfortable with all the attention, he was very¬†honored to have won. “I honestly didn’t expect to win,” said Lashier. “The court was loaded with a bunch of great guys that deserved to win just as much as me. It was an honor and very humbling to be in the same category as the other four candidates.” Lashier is involved in football, soccer, FCA, and the Never Say Can’t Foundation.

The Dragons came out victorious, like Foldes and Lashier, crushing Ankeny 42-27.