Students donate goods to Partnership Place


Piling in Danielle Pippert’s classroom, 184 points worth of clothing are placed in the back. The canned food and clothing drive uses a point-system based on how much each item is needed by the Partnership Place. Second hour classes are encouraged to add to their own piles until the end of the drive on Feb. 8.

Carly Kinning, Staff Writer

The canned food and clothing drive started Jan. 28 during second hour class periods.

The drive will last through Feb. 8, and then each class will tally up their points based on how much each item is worth. The winning class will receive a platter of cookies from the cafeteria the following Monday. All clothing and food items will be donated to the Partnership Place.

The Partnership Place is a non-profit organization that strives to provide healthy meals and clothing to families in need.

The items brought by all of the students will be organized Friday, Feb. 8 after school, when the winner will be revealed.

Sophomore Marcus Miller is head of the student council committee behind the canned food and clothing drive. He is hoping for a large response.

“I’m hoping for a lot (of items), so we can donate more to the community,” Miller said. “Its all about the community.”

Posters hang in the halls of the high school to promote the event, and second hour teachers were asked to speak about the canned food and clothing drive with their class, with high hopes that students will donate as many items as they are able.