Students plan to release school app

Ethan Marshall, Staff Writer

The iPad student leadership team are developing a school app.

In the beginning of April the hopes are that the school app will be released. The students worked with the company Zirous out of Clive to learn how to program the school app.

“The goal was communication,” Wiley said.

In October the iPad team started out with about 17 students who volunteered to be part of the iPad student leadership team.

“Students worked on publicity, step videos, step guides, helped us troubleshoot and solve problems that students had with iPads, and helped with the eight launch events in January,” technical coordinator Ann Wiley said.

The students helped get out 1,300 iPads in a week.

“Huge help,” Wiley said. 

Five of the seventeen now help students with questions, reset profile settings, etc.

“From what I know, we’re the only  school in Iowa that have students building an app specifically for their school,” Wiley said.