Summit storm damage causes cancelled practices


Mollie Greenwood

The hole in ceiling of the Summit Middle School pool is the aftermath of 65% of the roofing over the pool area being ripped off by the storm.

Mollie Greenwood, Print Editor in Chief

Winds ripped off 65% of the roofing covering the pool area of Summit Middle School Sept. 19.

The storm also created a small hole about four fist sizes big in the ceiling of the pool area.  Water poured in through the hole during the storm which soaked the pool deck.

Shortly before the wind ripped the hole, the power went out in the building causing the filtration system to shut off.

“We can’t swim in a pool that has had 300 bodies in it and none of the chlorine is being filtered and there’s no circulation,” P.E. teacher and girls’ swimming coach Shari Walling said.

Girls’ varsity swimmers were not allowed in the pool after the power went out and junior varsity practice was cancelled.

“The power came back on at about 10:45 p.m. last night so we had to cancel varsity morning practice because of the lack of filtration.”

P.E. classes were not allowed in the pool today, but as long as it does not rain, swimming in P.E. will resume tomorrow. Girls’ swimming practice plans on using the pool for practice tonight.