The Black & White

Unexpected fire alarm ends school day early

A firefighter walks towards his truck after checking and securing the building. Students fled the high school early after alarm went off.

Obsee Abbajabal, Staff Writer

February 7, 2018

A few minutes before the bell marking the end of the day rang Feb. 7, the fire alarm went off. Shortly after, an announcement was made through the intercom that teachers needed to help evacuate students from the school. During a fire, students would normally evacuate the building and head to the football...

Students prepare to return to school Oct. 4 following threats

Students prepare to return to school Oct. 4 following threats

Nick Irwin, Online Editor

October 3, 2017

The police department will be fulfilling a request from the district to perform proactive security sweeps of each school building prior to classes beginning Oct. 4. Due to this, there will be a two-hour late start in effect to ensure the sweeps will be thoroughly completed. There will also be additional...

Students arrested following charges of sexual abuse

Lt. Tyler Tompkins of the Johnston Police Department speaks to reporters at the press conference regarding the recent arrest of four Johnston students Sept. 28, 2017. The four students were each charged with one count of robbery, one count of sexual abuse second degree and one count of felony assault on a juvenile.

Kathryn Ikeda, Editor-in-Chief

September 28, 2017

Four high school students were arrested Sept. 28 after warrants were issued under charges of felony assault, sexual abuse in the second degree and first degree robbery. Johnston Police Department (JPD) received a complaint Sept. 18 regarding a 15-year-old victim after an anonymous tip was sent to...