“Golden Time,” a cute story that will tug at your heart strings

(Warning, this story may contain spoilers)


Photo provided by netflix.com

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

Recently, while scrolling through various social media platforms, I came across an article of some of the hidden gems on Netflix. A lot of the movies and shows were hit and miss, but one of my favorites I came across was a 22-minute film called Golden Time.

The story is somewhat reminiscent of Toy Story and starts in a junkyard in the 1980’s, where a TV from the 60’s is dropped off. The television is crushed after years of being in its home and does its best to escape.

The junkyard reminds me of The Island of Misfit Toys because the TV meets a chair without a bottom, a bucket with a hole and a broken handle, a fan with jagged blades, and a wind-up toy cat.

The film is very interesting in the fact that there is no dialogue, leaving the story to be told purely by the visuals, sounds, and music, which is done exquisitely, engulfing viewers in the story.

Although it’s short, I was very moved by the story, seeing the TV humanized as its world falls apart.

The simple story was captivating, emotional, and exciting, and easily wins five out of five stars in my book.