The Black & White

P.E. classes introduce heart rate monitors

Abbie Craig '17 completes a figure four stretch in Track 2. The class has been using the armbands to measure their difference in heart rate after workouts.

Sloan Meader, Staff Writer

November 18, 2016

P.E. students have been using a new piece of equipment: heart rate monitors. These heart rate monitors wrap around your forearm and measure your heartbeats per minute. P.E. instructors have high hopes for the new technology. "We want to teach kids about their heart rate and what it's doing during...

New P.E. teacher brings change to Track Two

Sophomore Robby Chickering prepares to shoot an arrow at a target a few meters away during Track 2 P.E. Before Chickering and the rest of the class went up to shoot, Mennen gave instructions on whistle commands and how to shoot correctly.

Matthew Berry, Staff Writer

December 9, 2015

When Dave Beason retired from his P.E. teacher position, Daniel Mennen was hired, bringing changes to Track 2 P.E. These changes include a new grading system with standards. In addition, Mennen’s Track 2 also has a written quiz over rules in each unit, or sport, the class covers. One major change ...