TARDIS showcased at LMC


The TARDIS display case which is currently showcasing “Land before time!” featuring books about dinosaurs and fossils. Vote on whether the display should stay for the rest of the year or just the semester.

Natalie Larimer, Staff Writer

“Doctor Who” fans in the school have noticed a unique display case outside the library, a paper cut out of the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). The TARDIS is the space and time travel machine from the BBC TV show “Doctor Who” and the display case contains books that are relevant to a specific place or time shown behind the books. The display case is a TARDIS because it is the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who,” which aired worldwide Nov. 23, and one of the librarians is a self-proclaimed “Whovian” (“Doctor Who” fan).

“I knew that this was the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ and also I am aware that there is a sizable (population) of ‘Whovians’ in our school and so I thought it would be kind of fun to play on this 50th anniversary thing and kind of tickle our funny bone,” librarian Jane Behrens said. “The TARDIS takes you through time and space its a great way to have a rotating display of books.”

Behrens came up with the idea to show the rest of the school about the existence of “Whovians” among us. “I just thought it would would be kind of fun and educate the rest of the building so they understand what ‘Doctor Who’ is,” Behrens said. “You know its the longest running TV show, besides maybe some soap opera, but who cares about that?”

The only question now about the display is whether it will last for only the rest of the semester or the whole year. “I definitely think it should stay up there,” senior Amanda Thamke said. “I thought it was amazing to see it up there, I feel like it’s there to represent all the ‘Doctor Who’ fans at Johnston.”


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