Taylor Swift roast

Taylor Swift roast

Alabama Shakes. Kendrick Lamar. Chris Stapleton. The Weekend. And freaking Taylor Swift.

Not only was I disappointed with the results from the Grammy’s for album of the year but I left the room seething. I give credit to Swift for her writing abilities but hold no respect for her as a musician nor a person (business or not). First of all the girl holds her music hostage by not allowing any source besides iTunes or her official Vevo account to access her music, and Vevo is only the music videos for singles and such. I might have taken a chance on her songs if she release them on Spotify, but no. Second of all I’m physically, emotionally, and mentally sick and tired of hearing her whine about her petty relationships. If she sang about empowerment for women, but not in annoyingly demeaning way, I would potentially open my ears, but wait, I can’t get her music without forking over my hand. Thirdly she’s in it for the money. Let’s be real here, not only does she make her ‘fans’ fork over money for albums, but she constrained rights of photographers (practically threatening to damage their photos if they stepped over the thick line even for a little bit of the constraining contract) and her fame was bought. Like really? You’re all supporting that?
I’ll be honest in her early country (pft) years, Swift was on my playlist when “You Belong With Me” was literally my jam. But now all her albums have become old and predictable. I know the next one will about her next week-long relationship. I know it will be full of her autotunned pop voice. And I know it will probably never change.
So for now my fingers are quick to change the radio if I hear a second of her song, my eyes burn if I see any of her advertisements and my ears burn when I hear her voice.

If you are showing the same symptoms as those above, listen to Ryan Adams’ rendition of “1989” to relieve yourself of pain.  (Which is available on Spotify)

Also if I disappear for a while, it will probably be due to my use of the album cover even though it’s fair use so…

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  • raygun royMar 12, 2016 at 9:03 am

    this is terrible.