Teen read week adds the element of the unknown


Aaron Gray

The unknown awaits with the library’s “mystery books” this week.

Aaron Gray, Staff Writer

Teen read week has officially begun and the books have gone into disguise for the event.

“[Teen read week is] a national, annual event sponsored by the American Library Association’s young adult branch that happens every second week of October,” librarian Jane Behrens said.

Students have probably noticed the new additions to the library; many books have been covered with construction and news paper and labeled with short descriptions teasing the plot of the book.

“The theme this year is ‘seek the unknown,’ so we thought we would encourage kids to try more than one type of book,” Behrens ┬ásaid. “If we slip you a different kind of book in disguise like this, students might realize ‘oh, I like more than books about vampires.'”

Students can take advantage of this opportunity all through this week.