Senior Casey Briere participates in Wet Wear Wednesday. He claims he has never missed a day of the tradition.
Senior Casey Briere participates in Wet Wear Wednesday. He claims he has never missed a day of the tradition.
Senad Besic

The history of wet wear wednesday

Senior Casey Briere has been wearing a swimsuit on every Wednesday since the third week of school. Whether it’s raining, snowing or downright storming outside, look for him, and other dedicated male students that will most likely be showing off their trunks for the whole school to see.

Wet Wear Wednesday is a weekly apparel trend such as Flannel Friday or Formal Friday. It is very easy to participate in this trend. Just wear a swimsuit on any Wednesday.

Wet Wear Wednesday traces its roots to last spring, when senior Konnor Gifford saw his friend, senior Ethan Moran, wear a swimsuit to school as shorts. After school let out that year, Gifford talked to Moran about what he did. They then formed the idea of Wet Wear Wednesday, which went into effect when school started up again.

Gifford and Moran had different reasons about why they started Wet Wear Wednesday.

“Senior year, YOLO,” Moran said.

Gifford focuses more on the dedication aspect of Wet Wear Wednesday.

“It makes school a little more exciting,” Gifford said. “If you miss a day, it feels like you’re missing out on part of your Wednesday.”

To some of the participants, however, the appeal of Wet Wear Wednesday is something very deep and genuine.

“The appeal of Wet Wear Wednesday is to wear wet wear on Wednesday,” Briere said. “I don’t do it to stand out, I do it to bond with the other participants.”

Wet Wear Wednesday has slowly, but steadily, picked up followers. Gifford said the maximum amount of participants the group has had on one Wednesday was 12. No women have ever participated.

“We get people to join in because they think it’s an intriguing idea,” Gifford said. “So they ask about it.”

Gifford, optimistically, sees a bright future for Wet Wear Wednesday.

“I think it would bring everyone, as a school, closer,” Gifford said. “It’d be kind of cool to see a bunch of people around the school joining in on Wet Wear Wednesday.”

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