The problem is the fans


Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

In our day to day lives, we see someone wearing something from a show, movie, band, etc. and we can not help but cringe.

Anime, sci-fi, fantasy. It is not everyone’s cup of tea (or Joe), but is it really the fault of the thing itself that it’s seen cringeworthy?

Some of these things are critically acclaimed, have platinum records, and are known in an instant, yet seem hated in conversation.

For instance, many anime and sci-fi shows are very popular, with millions of dollars made off of merchandise, and conventions just for that specific show. Evidently, the show is iconic to our culture in some form, yet the show is something of a taboo unless it is being made fun of.

The issue here I think is due to the fans, by pretending that they are of the culture represented in these shows.

For example, I am sure that many are aware of the “Naruto run,” where someone leans forward, pushes their arms straight behind them, and running straight forward. Another example would be dressing as characters of the show out in public, adopting the way they speak and act, and pretend that they are the character or a member of that culture.

Generally, people are made uncomfortable by such actions and believe that there are a time and a place to cosplay, which may be an explanation to why something is frowned upon. Frankly, if you have to act like you are a part of a different culture to be a “true fan,” it is somewhat insulting to those that belong to such cultures.

Another issue is the elitist mindset, where fans of a particular part of pop culture insult others who are not fans of such things or insult those who don’t have as much knowledge on the subject.

I have encountered people like this before and have witnessed others in these situations. Let us say someone is wearing a shirt that has a classic rock band on it, such as KISS or Led Zeppelin, and then another person walks up saying, “Oh, you like this band? Name 10 of their songs other than their most popular hits.”

First of all, it is rude, just because they like something does not mean they have to be an expert on it.

The other side of that coin is looking down upon someone who is not a fan of something at all, or simply has not heard of it, and suddenly they are an idiot.

The “I only listen to real music” or “You are such a pleb” types overall make it hard to want to get involved in anything, and generally, causes a disliking towards a band or TV show etc.

Basically, don’t hate the game, hate the player. Just because a small group of people acts a certain way, it does not mean that the thing they are a fan of is representative of it.