Track team coaches elementary students


Mallorie Goodale

Senior Kim Hughes instructs a Little Dragon participant on throwing a shot put. The coaches started off teaching with a softball to help the participants get a feel for the technique.

Mallorie Goodale, News Editor

High school track runners helped out at the Little Dragon track meet on April 24. This track meet is a good opportunity for kids from kindergarten to fifth grade to understand what track is like.

Sophomore Nikia Pope helped this year with the second and third graders. “Since they’re little they don’t actually get to run normally,” Pope said. “They get a taste of what it is like. It’s fun watching them, they’re cute.”

There were three stations that each group of kids rotated to: a 100 meter dash, long jump and shot put. At each station there were numerous high school track team members and track coaches helping out.

The track meet allowed children an opportunity to see their name on the big screen with their time, something new to them. It also gave high school runners and throwers a chance to teach young kids about their sport.

Some high school runners taught the kids how to do a start, others demonstrated how to do the long jump. Shot putters taught the kids how to throw using a softball.