Updating school apps not allowed

For legal reasons, students cannot update the school-bought apps on their iPads by themselves. The school has to retain ownership of these apps, therefore student access to downloading is not permissible.

However, updating the apps on each iPad is planned for the future. The apps are planned to be upgraded over summer.

In order to update, the iPads would need to be accessed one by one, which is difficult during the school year.

“We could do that if we had to,” iPad Specialist and PC Tech Ryan Witt said.

The option to upgrading the apps during the school year is still an option, but there is no immediate need to update the apps during this time.

“We’re going to keep that open-ended on if we need to this year,” Witt said.

The iPad Headquarters have not received any student feedback of apps shutting down in result of not updating them.

“A lot of apps are upgraded for stability reasons but it’s not true that if you don’t upgrade an app immediately it will crash on you,” Witt said.

Students are also asked to not update the iPad software to the 6.0.1 update.

Although the option to upgrade the school apps themselves is not given, students are allowed to upgrade apps they have purchased or downloaded with their Apple ID.

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