Veterans recount stories from Vietnam

Instead of attending their regular U.S. history classes April 11, juniors settled into the auditorium to listen to veterans of the Vietnam War relate their experiences. Students found valuable information and insight to a war that they have only read or watched video clips about.

“It’s always nice to talk to the kids,” Steve Mulcahy, a four-time speaker for this event, said. “[They] need to know what it’s like. With all of these video games and movies, you can’t comprehend war unless you’re there. Not only do you live with the nightmares and flashbacks [from the war], you also live with the pains.” Mulcahy recently had his fourth back surgery from war-related injuries he sustained almost 40 years ago.

The stories were often emotional, and the impact of the words was not lost on students.

“What I learned from this is exactly why there’s a stereotype that a lot of veterans [drink],” junior Josh Dell said. “All of what they went through must have been really tough.”

Fellow junior Evan Trainer agreed. “It’s a lot to take in. I’m glad they came.”

Most of the men who spoke are also supporters of the VVA (Vietnam Veteran’s Association), an organization made of and run by veterans from the war. Students interested in learning more about the organization and veterans near them can go to the official website,


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