“We Happy Few”

(Warning, this story may contain spoilers)


Photo provided by compulsiongames.com

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

“Happy is the country that has no history.”

Welcome to Wellington Wells, the dystopian society where happiness is key to survival.

Though the game is still only available as early access, We Happy Few has picked up a lot of steam in the gaming community, becoming widely popular and making fans anxious for the full release in April 2018.

The first person survival game takes place in the fictional English city Wellington Wells, in an alternate reality where WWII is still taking place in 1964.

The population, known as “Wellies,” have performed a terrible act, leaving them to attempt to forget the horrors of the war by taking Joy pills, to instantly induce happiness and forget all of their troubles, despite the fact that it corrupts their ability to tell right and wrong.

The joyful Wellies, however, becoming horrendously violent when they spot “Downers,” those who are not taking joy and are not happy, either killing them or forcing them into the ruined districts of Wellington Wells, where they have to fend for themselves as “Wastrels.”

In the demo, you play as Arther Hastings, a man who decides not to take his Joy, where he is forced into becoming a Wastrel, and does whatever he can to survive.

This is perhaps one of the most heart-racing survival games I’ve played because unlike many with monsters or guns, your enemies are those around you, tools of survival are whatever you know how to use, and a number of rules needed to assimilate.

The best chance of survival is by integrating into every district you come across as to not offend those in the immediate area.

In districts with the Wellies, your only chance of survival is either taking Joy, or saying hello to almost everyone you come across.

Survival among the Wellies isn’t easy, however, while their water and food may contain Joy, without a constant dose the high will come down, making you more suspicious, and too much will cause an overdose, leaving you starving when you awake.

Overall, a fun and exciting game, where situations change with each beginning, even though it’s not yet completed. Giving it four out of five stars.