Will He


Photo provided by genius.com

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

Up and coming R&B artist Joji recently released his new single Will He. Joji is well known for his other persona on YouTube as Filthy Frank, and releases most of his comedy and Rap/Hip Hop music under the stage name Pink Guy, but is currently creating a stir among his fans as he releases work outside of his comedic career.

Will He tells the story of the sadness when thinking about a former lover, asking himself if she will remember their time together and emotions had for each other.

Joji then goes on asking himself whether her new lover will treat her in the same way, in the things he felt he did right and wrong, and whether or not he can win her back if the new lover makes a slip.

And though he’s “sad and a mess,” all that matters is that his former lover is “okay and safe.”

This song is a polar opposite from his work as Pink Guy, showing a completely different side of the artist. A lot of thought and emotion was put into the song, and I can’t help but wait for his coming music.

Will He will be featured in Joji’s EP In Tongues, expected to be released on Nov. 3