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What to Expect when Flunking Classes

What to Expect when Flunking Classes

Paul Heggen, Staff Writer April 19, 2019

Sometimes whether desired or not a person may wind up flunking a class. Counsler Julie Fulton says the flunk rate of classes are exceptionally high. Usually, when students flunk they come to her. What...

Johnston School Library Having there common day of checking out books to students

Library Uses

Paul Heggen, Staff Writer January 16, 2019

Sometimes the library is needed in a student's daily routine to get work done, whether it be to get a book or use the computers. These routines could be for assignment, project, work session or any of...

The JHS Backpack must haves  in the prime setting that they are in... school.

Back Pack Must Haves

Paul Heggen, Staff Writer November 27, 2018

With what people keeps in their backpacks now a days it hard to keep straight what to bring to school. It is the place where students keep their personal belongings. People are always taking what they...

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