The Black & White

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble. . . (Extended)

February 12, 2020

In a shining $81 million dollar building with new furniture and facilities, housing approximately 1,800 students each with personal iPads, privilege lurks around every purple and gold corner. As students...

The Problem with Holidays

The Problem with Holidays

Akshaya Kumar, Staff Writer November 20, 2019

Holidays are great. They are a time to celebrate and revel in the festivities occurring all around. By definition, no work is done on a holiday and to a high school student, virtually nothing could be...

A scale weighing the pros and cons of an Ivy League universty with an Iowa university.

Higher Education at Smaller Universities

Akshaya Kumar, Staff Writer May 23, 2019

Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale. Nearly every student knows these universities to be some of the most elite schools in the United States, if not the world. The universities are defined by their...

A list of all classes divided into required and electives.

The How and Why of Required Classes

Akshaya Kumar, Staff Writer May 23, 2019

For Mariana Arnold '20, taking Health was just a repeat of previous health classes. "We've been learning Health since 5th grade. Everything we've learned is just a recap of what we've already learned,"...

1.5 speech bubbles in two different languages.

Not Quite Bilingual

Akshaya Kumar, Staff Writer April 12, 2019

I was born in India. I grew up with a cacophony of noise surrounding me; from the noise of pots and pans clanging when my mother cooked to the boisterous shouts of my brother and cousin when they ran around...

A poisson d'avril was stuck on the back of an unsuspecting student.

French students celebrate April Fool’s Day

Akshaya Kumar, Staff Writer April 2, 2019

Typically April 1st, or April Fool's Day, is commemorated by playing practical jokes on others. French students celebrated the holiday in an international way. The students followed a typical French tradition:...

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