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Animal Science presents habitat solutions for zoo

Watching aquatic life through a fisheye-like window sophomore Madi Holm explores the zoo. Animal Science classes went to the zoo to present enrichment items for animals.
May 24, 2016

Pointing to a picture of a bird at the Des Moines Zoo, junior Maddie Gregurek eventually had the chance to hold two birds with her hand. " I really liked those birds and also being able to feed the alpacas,"...

Microsoft Hololens: The Future of Computing

Microsoft Hololens: The Future of Computing
February 3, 2016

This year at E-3, Microsoft displayed the future of computing, the Microsoft Hololens. The Microsoft Hololens is a wearable device that displays holograms that the user can manipulate through touch and...

A ride in a self-driving car

A ride in a self-driving car
December 16, 2015

Waiting in traffic and commuting is a pain. But what if one could text and read a book at the same time and not even look at the road. This could be a possible future for next-gen kids because of Google’s...

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