Johnston High School - 6500 NW 100th St, Johnston, IA

The Black & White

Johnston High School - 6500 NW 100th St, Johnston, IA

The Black & White

Johnston High School - 6500 NW 100th St, Johnston, IA

The Black & White

Students from the DCS strand of CAPS, listen to a worker from DLR (the company that shares their office space with the DCS program) as he goes over market strategies. In the beginning of the term, the students were given the task of creating their own personalized workspace. DLR happily complied and worked with the students to create the best learning environment for everyone in the office.

Johnston considers getting CAPS program

Anna Larson, Staff Writer April 20, 2015

The district recently hired Chris Bergman as the Executive Director of teaching, learning and innovation. Bergman officially starts this position July 1 and is currently working at Waukee High School...

Junior Megan Kimrey was captured reading her book in the library.

Contrasting opinions on books, movies

Anna Larson, Staff Writer November 19, 2014
Students and teachers share their opinions on whether they think books or movies are better.
This is an infographic that simplifies the differences between the two tests.

Standardized tests compared

Anna Larson, Staff Writer October 28, 2014

At this time of the school year, many juniors and seniors are planning their next four years attending a college or university. To acquire higher education after high school, standardized testing is usually...

The pop tab bin that sits outside the lunchroom doors next to the glass case. Money for the recycled tabs is used to help fund the Ronald McDonald house and those staying within it.

Students raise pop tabs for Ronald McDonald house

Anna Larson, Staff Writer April 11, 2014

Next to the art display case by the lunch room sits a plastic bin containing pop tops. After the idea of raising pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House was brought to student council, it decided to...

The miniature Christmas tree equipped with red and blue solar powered lights.

Tree commemorates former student

Anna Larson, Staff Writer December 22, 2013

Decorated with solar powered red and blue lights and a red star on top, a miniature Christmas tree stands outside the front doors of the high school. Lesly Crowder placed the tree in honor of her son Ryan...

Sophomore Erik Francois, Iowa State engineer Ryan Francois, and fellow engineer evaluate Buster.

Students participate in Reggie’s Sleepout

Anna Larson, Staff Writer December 2, 2013

The Brickheads, a group of  sophomores and Iowa state engineers teamed up to build a massive cardboard structure during the 2013 Reggie's Sleepout. Reggie's Sleepout is an annual fundraiser held at Drake...

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