Danielle Pippert’s Grading Policy


Ella O’Brien, Staff Writer

Math Teacher Danielle Pippert is admired for many reasons, but her grading policy is the most prominent. Pippert grades every one of her math students’ tests on the same day the test is taken. This is extremely unique and unusual for any teacher. “I grade tests the same night because I believe that the feedback is more meaningful to students and teachers when it’s immediate,” said Pippert. Math builds on itself so this means it is valuable to know where you are excelling and where you are struggling. This quick feedback helps her and the student know where they are at and what they need to work on before the next unit begins.

Making this possible can be a challenge but Pippert proves that with dedication, it can be done. She has many ways of approaching the four hours of grading that take place on each test day. Throughout the day Pippert keeps herself busy, grading as much as she can while she is at school. She also has a strategy where she begins grading her tests as soon as her students begin turning them in. Pippert defines herself as a planner, this trait greatly helps get her to her desired outcome of grading tests. Pippert says, “I might have to say ‘no’ to coming up to school for a volleyball game to watch that night…or might have to say ‘no’ to going out to dinner or something…but I try to manage my time well!” This outstanding time management and planning is one of Pippert’s biggest assets. 

Students love her quick grading process. Abby Harris ‘24 enjoys the sense of calm that comes with this swift strategy, “The fact that she gives us feedback quickly means that I spend less time stressing about the test and can focus on other things. It honestly makes my life easier, knowing quickly how I did on my test and if I need to retake it.”

If you have not got to know her, Pippert has been a math teacher at Johnston High School for seventeen years. She has been teaching in total for twenty-seven years. Pippert enjoys doing CrossFit and taking her dog for walks in her free time. She played softball in college, coached softball for several years, and also coached volleyball. Even though she is not still coaching, athletics has been a big part of Pippert’s life. These have all taught her to have an extremely strong work ethic and effective planning abilities, “I am a ‘planner’…. I’m always trying to plan ahead…that helps me free up some time when I need it,” Pippert said.