“DNA” Song of the week

Picture provided by commons.wikimedia.org.

Picture provided by commons.wikimedia.org.

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

If you are bored of the stereotypical pop music we have today, this might be your lucky week. This week an album by the group BTS (Beyond the Scene), called “LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her” was released. Including the song “DNA”

BTS is a seven member, South Korean pop group that debuted in 2013 and is still going strong from the looks of things. The ensemble has earned a lot of popularity in multiple different countries and even won a Billboard Music Award this year, the “top social artist” award. After that, they took a break from the spotlight as they only released highlight reels and trailers until now.

This is definitely an experimental time for BTS, and this song proves that they can pull that off. They have always been a versatile group, by trying many different styles in the past. Yet, this is arguably their most boldest move out of all of them. This song is in minor, but it feels like major. Giving the song a powerful and uplifting tone. The way the instrumentals switch so effortlessly from the guitars to the dubstep/trap drop is amazing, and the vocals compliment the sound as well. Even the rap parts were blended well, and without a lack of rhythmic variation. There are also small details like the whistling in the background and the times when the track stops completely to add tension and build. Every aspect of the song is dedicated to giving us an overall emotional time, with a piece that blends together almost perfectly.

After seeing the English translation of the lyrics, we once again see how this group can take a stereotypical concept like a basic love song, and do something creative with it. While the song does talks about being in love with someone, it describes the love as being something more powerful than the universe itself, instead of rambling about how hot their partner is. Saying that you and your love have had a connection in this life and any other life, and for that reason you don’t have to worry about anything. No fear, no regrets, and definitely no shallowness. It’s that kind of dramaticness that when done right, can be a world changing experience.

Even after all the unique changes, with experimentation, sometimes comes loss. The song focuses so much on trying to balance out the members’ lines, nail the instrumentals, and on top of all that transition to this new style. Because of those things, we do not get to hear a fully fleshed out song. The song is a little over four minutes long, but it does not have a grand third verse. Which was one of my favorite things about their music. Also, the rapping and singing, while still amazing, is not as balanced as their other songs. This one was certainly more vocal. Many people might wish for a harder hitting bass drop, and that third verse. Even then, it is easy to forgive those things.

Taking all these things into consideration, in my opinion this song despite its flaws is still an engaging song, no matter how you look at it. This was the perfect way to kick off the BTS comeback, and something deserving of a chance from everyone. For that, I give this song a 4.2 out of 5. Let’s hope these boys keep releasing consistent, quality work.