False fire sends students into cold

Students huddle to preserve body heat during the fire alarm. Students were forced outside Dec. 8 after the alarms went off.

For the second time this school year, a false fire alarm blared through hallways due to either dust in a smoke head or an expired smoke head in a science hallway. Administrators are not sure of the exact cause. The alarm went off between second and third periods, causing students to evacuate for approximately 10 minutes in 15 degree temperature. “I huddled inside of Hennes’s jacket that he gave me to keep warm,” Claudia Tice ’17 said.

Associate principal Jerry Stratton thinks students and teachers reacted appropriately considering there has never been a fire drill between class periods. “It was another chance to practice something we’ve never done before,” he said.

One problem was that as teachers attempted to take attendance, their pens stopped working. “Today was probably one of the worst days,” Stratton said. “Because you had teachers [when] all of a sudden, they have their kids in their class and ones they’re just grabbing [from the hallway] to take attendance.”