Fire alarm halts Showzam

As members of the choir pose behind her, Amanda McGowan ’18, performs her solo during “Feeling Good Melody.” McGowan was able to complete her solo before the fire alarms went off.

Performing exhibition, the varsity show choir Innovation took the stage. After the beginning of their second song “Feeling Good Melody,” the fire alarm began to go off. People began to get up and head outside while the choir ended their performance.

As everyone headed outside, many began to question whether someone pulled the alarm. “As far as I know it wasn’t pulled,” Showzam emcee and guidance secretary Sarah Marckmann said. “It was a faulty sensor head of one of the fire sensors and that’s happened before.”

A fire alarm also went off at Waukee’s invitational, Starstruck.

Innovation was able to perform later on. The choir has won Grand Champion at both the Ankeny Centennial Mid-Iowa Show Choir Championships and Waukee Starstruck. Innovation is set to perform at Urbandale Feb. 11.