Girls’ high school soccer kicks off their season

The girls’ high school soccer team won 1-0 against Southeast Polk on April 2.

Assistant coach Alicia Rollison said, “You could tell it was our first game and that we didn’t have a lot of time before that to really work out different kinks with all the players in the lineup.”

Junior Paige Elming scored the goal off of a cornerkick by senior Megan Faley in the first 10 minutes of the game.

“We started out very well in the first 10 minutes,” Rollison said, ” We were really dominating and taking it to them.”

Rollison said after the goal the team started to relax.

“We didn’t play balls forward enough, we didn’t turn and try to take their defenders on, we passed a lot, but it wasn’t passing with a purpose,” Rollison said.

In the second half the team was snapped back into action after S.E. Polk almost scored off a cornerkick.

Faley says the team can improve on communicating.

“We got mad at one another out their and just started yelling at each other,” Faley said.

Although it’s only the first game, Rollison has high hopes for this season.

“We always want to make it to state, and then this year we would really like to win the first game there, and always for the future we would like for there to be a state championship,” Rollison said.

The next home game for the high school girls’ soccer team is Friday, April 5 at 7:00 p.m. at the high school stadium.

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