Holmes & Watson Review

Brooklyn Dilley, Story Editor

In my family, we have two ways to rate movies. Movies to rent, and movies worth spending the extra money to see in the theater. After watching Holmes & Watson, we created a new category: movies to sleep through. Literally. Four out of the six family members I saw this movie with fell asleep, and a fifth one said she did not let herself fall asleep because she knew she would snore loudly.

Starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, Holmes & Watson was advertised as being both a comedy and a mystery. This is greatly inaccurate. The movie had about two points that made me genuinely laugh, and the rest of my laughter was out of pity. Ferrell adapted a British accent for the movie that was in no way believable, especially since he is such a well known American actor. As for the mystery aspect of the movie, Watson and Holmes spent the entire time trying to find and stop their nemesis, Professor Moriarty, from killing the Queen. I would definitely say the movie was more mystery than comedy, but it was not a good mystery in any way. There was, what I am guessing was, supposed to be a major plot twist towards the end of the movie, but I had predicted it about five minutes into the movie, as had the rest of my family.

Overall, the content of the movie was severely lacking. The first couple of minutes were backstory, but other than that it just jumped right into action. The first two females shown in the movie were immediately turned into love interests for Holmes and Watson, which annoyed me right from the start. The plot was pretty bland, and there did not seem to be any major points in the movie that were supposed to be mind-blowing, other than the poorly executed plot twist. There was also a random spot where the movie turned into a musical for about ten minutes, which I am still rather confused about. Finally, the movie ended with the two previously mentioned love interests boarding the Titanic, excited about going to America. That just seemed stupid to me. The ending did set the movie up for a sequel, though, so I guess we will just have to wait and see if they survived the journey.