Humans are weird


Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

I’ve noticed lately that people do weird things. I do weird things all the time, but the things I am talking about are different. They’re socially accepted. I’d like to take a closer look at these habits we practice and show why me wearing safety goggles for a day is no stranger than anything else.

  • Sending flowers

Okay, maybe I’m just not a romantic, but I do not understand the point of sending somebody flowers. Yes they smell good and they look beautiful, but when you think about it, you’re taking this living thing and killing it to send it to your loved ones so they can watch them decay.

  • Marriage

Disclaimer: This will sound pessimistic. I do not understand why we as humans say “I love you so much that I’m going to get the government involved so you can’t leave me without me taking half of your possessions.”

  • Owning pets

We take this other species that we have no means of communicating with and keep them in our home so we can pet them and spend all our money on them. I mean, I love my cat as much as the next person, but seriously, why?

  • Creating fiction

Books and movies are wonderful and I love them, but have you ever wondered why we create stories within our worlds (or create different worlds) rather than just talk about our own reality?

  • Judging others

As you can see from my previous points, we are all pretty weird people. So why bother judge others for doing weird things outside of the “normal” weird things?