Investigation Ongoing in Case of Confrontation

Noah Gilbert, Editor-In-Cheif

On October 22, 2021, a video shot by a student surfaced showing Dannie Spann, a Campus Monitor, tackling an unidentifiable person to the ground. Since the incident, confusion and misinformation has been spread around the school and the community. Students speculated the unknown person was not a student of the high school but rather of Southeast Polk.

In a statement, principal Ryan Woods said, “There was an incident that took place on the 22nd between a staff member and a student. At this time there is an ongoing investigation and by policy, during the investigation the staff member is on administrative leave until the completion of the investigation and findings come forward.” 

The video clearly shows a confrontation between Spann and the student, which brought conjecture of assault on administrators and teachers. “I can clarify that I was not involved in any physical altercation,” Woods said. Although there is no word on possible involvement of other staff members, there are no pending charges on either side.