Kavan-NAH: A letter to Chuck Grassley

The Honorable Chuck Grassley

Chairman, Judiciary Committee

United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

Hello. My name is Obsee Abbajabal and I am 17.5 years old. I am high school student in the Des Moines area that is very invested into politics. Hopefully, I will become a senator one day just like you. Even though I am not eligible to vote, I am sending you my concerns as a constituent and resident of Iowa.

Mr. Chairman, today you had a tremendous weight on your shoulders. I could see that as I watched the live hearings and voting of Judge Kavanaugh during my government class at school. I have to ask though, is there no other man or woman in America who can fulfill this Supreme Court position that does not have a sexual assault allegation against him or her? No one at all?

Sir, Dr. Ford deserves nothing less than the utmost respect and sympathy. The method in which the Senate Judiciary Committee has handled her allegation is very shameful. As chairman and a member of this committee, you had the duty to make sure Dr. Ford was thoroughly heard. You abandoned your duty and pushed through a vote when members on both sides pleaded for a delay. An FBI investigation should have happened from the start.

A man like Brett Kavanaugh should not step foot near the Supreme Court without extreme vetting and an FBI investigation done on him. We sadly already have a judge like that on the Supreme Court due to past mistakes by the same committee you reside on.

In my government class, Mr. Chairman, I have learned and continue to learn about how unique and exemplary our federal government is. Nonetheless, I sat in that very same class today feeling ashamed with our two-party system.  

Please stop looking through your partisan lens, Mr. Chairman. Believing in survivors of sexual assault is not a partisan issue. I hope you know that.

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  • Lennie NorrisOct 16, 2018 at 11:03 am

    speak the truth sister