Returning to the renaissance


The Jester (Michael Gedden ’17) points out to the audience after telling one of his many jokes. Madrigal was held Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

Madrigal Feast is an event hosted for the community by five choirs from both the middle school and high school. The audience is served a three-course meal by choir members. Four choirs are from the high school and one is from the middle school.

Seniors of the choir do not have to serve the audience, but instead sit on stage as part of the royal court, with two seniors selected as the king and queen. While the audience is being served, the choirs all join together in song.

When not being served food, the choirs put on a play for the audience. The play involves the King, Queen, Jester and pirates.

This year’s King was portrayed by Cole Valentine ’17, while the Queen was portrayed by Jillian Gabby ’17. The Jester was portrayed by Michael Gedden ’17. The play involved pirates whose leader was Pirate Bob, the queens sister, portrayed by David Hindman ’17.