Mural brings awareness to students


Natalie Larimer

Seniors Addison Bolles and Nicky Spear work on Bolles’ awareness mural. Bolles does various projects for her independent study.

Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

In the back hallway by the art rooms, a new mural can be seen displayed on the wall. The mural, created by senior Addison Bolles, is a collection of 22 different awareness ribbons for various diseases. “There’s depression awareness and Down syndrome, a bunch of things that people aren’t necessarily very aware of so I’d like to make awareness by putting it on the wall,” Bolles said.

Bolles is in an independent study with art teacher Daniel Weiss where she does her own projects that are not assigned. One project was the group of photos highlighting child abuse that hung in the display case outside the lunch room. This year she has done four projects and is working on some others as well. “There’s the display case, I made a recreation of a bathroom sign for a unisex sign, and then this one (the mural), and I’m thinking of installing a vending machine that dispenses school supplies so I’m talking to Riessen about that one,” Bolles said.

Some of her friends helped paint the mural, including seniors Karli Killian and Nicky Spear. “I’ve always been interested in doing things that cause people to think or help people and so Karli Killian was like, ‘Hey we should do a mural’ and I had a little thought,” Bolles said. “I really like the idea of awareness ribbons.”

The painting is almost finished, with just one key factor missing. “Just to bring awareness to all the different things, we are going to write what each one is,” Killian said. Once the disease names are written on the respective ribbons, Bolles will continue on to more projects that are sure to be seen around the halls.