Nike Air Force 1’s Make a Comeback

Nike Air Force 1’s – Iconic, fashionable, and a re-emerging trend.


Emily Irlbeck

Low top Nike Air Force 1’s.

Emily Irlbeck, Staff Writer

Nike Air Force 1’s first debuted in 1982, and have undoubtably made a comeback in recent years. Nike created the originally high-top model sneakers with an intention of designing the first basketball shoe featuring air technology. While the shoes may have started off as a hot commodity, the heat and popularity of the shoe quickly died down. Nike discontinued the shoe in 1984 and it was not until 1986 that the brand re-released the sneakers with a new and improved design- the low-top Air Force 1. With a wider variety of colors and designs, the Nike Air Force 1’s began to evolve.

In recent years, Nike Air Force 1’s have become increasingly popular. “I own two pairs of Air Force 1’s,” Maggie Miller ‘22 said. The shoes now cost upwards of $100 and are relatively expensive.  “I am willing to spend the money on them because they are comfy, cute, and go well with just about any outfit. I get good use out of them and they hold up well.” Miller said.

At this school in particular, Air Force 1’s are worn by a decent amount of people. “I see a ton of people wearing Air Force 1’s everyday,” Miller said. “I do not think a lot of people our age are aware that Air Force 1’s were originally introduced in the 80’s. Everyone slowly started wearing them, and now they seem to be the most popular shoes for teenagers.”

From hot pink to custom Louis Vuitton patterned, Air Force 1’s are now available in a wide variety of styles,colors, and patterns. Despite Nike taking a small break with the sneakers, Nike Air Force 1’s are now back in the spotlight.