Nov. current event quiz answers


1.) Question: When is the last “The Hunger Games” movie premiering?

Answer: A (Thursday Nov. 19)

2.) Question: Why is Chipotle closing a majority of its locations by 2016?

Answer: C (E. Coli outbreak)

3.) Question: Who hosted the Democratic debate Nov. 14?

Answer: A (Drake University)

4.) Question: When did Caitlyn Jenner appear at Jordan Creek Mall?

Answer: C (Sunday Nov. 15)

5.) Question: How much was the Blue Diamond purchased for?

Answer: B ($48.4m)

6.) Question: How many governors have said no to Syrian refugees?

Answer: C (31)

7.) Question: Which University is working on extracting CO2 from the air?

Answer: A (Arizona State University)

8.) Question: Who did Holly Holm defeat in UFC’s fight Nov. 17?

Answer: B (Rhonda Rousey)