Poetry club approved


Senior Andrew Mills fills out paperwork needed for poetry club to be approved. He has been working hard to get poetry club to be approved, and hopes to have the first meeting in October.

Brandon Gabbert , Journalism

The school board approved the request to start the poetry club on Oct. 14. It will be open to anyone who wants to read, write, or just listen to poetry.

Poetry can be a way for students to relieve stress and express creativity. It is a different way of getting one’s thoughts and emotions out.

Senior Andrew Mills was the student behind getting poetry club started. He is planning on having poetry club be a no judgement zone for students.

“People are welcome to bring in poems that they have written,” Mills said. “We will discuss them if the reader wants to or they can just sit down. Constructive criticism will be allowed if the poet wants it and if not, they can sit down.”

In order to start a club a student needs to find a staff sponsor, get a list of signatures from students who would be interested in joining and need to write up a purpose for the club.

Mills made a presentation to the board on Sep. 23. “I’m hoping the first meeting will be the first week of October,” Mills said.

Poetry club will meet the first and third Tuesday of each month when it starts. All students are welcome to join.