Special FX Class


Parker Anderson

Sara Gilbreth ‘21 gets makeup applied during the “improv FX club” in the library.

Parker Anderson, Staff Writer

Brand new to the list of classes, Special FX Class. Some students may not know this, but there has been a special FX after-school club for years already. Digital photography teacher Andrew McCormick has been running the club, and will be teaching the class when it starts up next year. “I chose to sign up for special FX class next year because it has always been inspiring to me,” Destiny Gilmore ’20 said.

McCormick is very passionate about arts and crafts. He is very creative and he was the one that came up with the idea of adding a special FX class to the roster. “I think that there is a lot of really awesome artwork out there, around the realms of costume design, makeup, and special FX,” McCormick said.

Adding art like classes are a more modern part to the schedule. “A lot of special FX artists and cosplay artists are getting more popular,” McCormick said. “So whether it is on Instagram, YouTube, or even TV shows, more and more students are into that stuff and it has been such an untapped interest. Kids are interested in it, but there is no class to teach kids more about it, so a couple of years ago I started to think that we needed a class on special FX.”

In the Special FX club, they work on teaching new techniques to students who want to better their makeup skills. “The class will primarily focus on special effects makeup, gore, zombie makeup, but it will also focus on prop making and cosplay,” McCormick said. Cosplay is an activity where someone would dress up as a character they like, from an animated show or movie, while creating most of the costume pieces through creation and innovation. Making props is just as it sounds, students will create items to help them liven their cosplay a little more.

With next years class, all students want to learn and or improve on something. “I really hope to better my makeup skills, so I can use the skills outside of school for cosplay,” Gilmore said.