Students’ Infinite Campus log in process changed


Infinite Campus logins were changed over the summer to reflect previous network passwords. “This should be a good solution for students,” said Instructional Technology Coordinator Ann Wiley.

In order to make logging in to Infinite Campus easier for students, account usernames and passwords were changed to match their network login. The Infinite Campus username was previously the student’s ID Number and the default password was the student’s birthday.

Students can now log in to JDragonMail, district computers and Infinite Campus with the same username and password. “Some students were using their parents’ login information, which doesn’t practice good digital citizenship,” district-wide Instructional Technology Coordinator Ann Wiley said.  “District personnel were also spending considerable time looking up and resetting students’ logins as they forgot them.”

There were also issues with students not being able to access course registration or assignment submission. Starting in eighth grade, students use their Infinite Campus accounts to access their grades, receive assignments, submit course requests, complete surveys and receive messages from the district.

In previous years, network passwords were changed over the summer to keep accounts secure, however the Infinite Campus update replaced that process. Login information for the 16/17 school year will be the same as that of the 15/16 year.